the real deals and the auction scams

There are some things to know about Wexford if you are looking to bring some to your home: while it is pressed glass, it is not depression era pressed glass. It is not lead crystal, Anchor Hocking called the clear pieces “crystal” as a color reference. It is glass. Broadly released in 1967 (it may […]


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today’s bonus

Every misstep and delay that could happen as a pharmacy refills a prescription happened to me over the weekend and into today. What turned around my day? A processing time of thirty minutes with thrift stores enroute. For the first time ever I found a sorbet cup styled candleholder in a thrift store. This makes […]

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the *other* chip-n-dip

This is the Chip-n-Dip of Wexford by Anchor Hocking. At least, that is the lie as I have been told. That is what auction sites tell you. That is what Anchor Hocking’s Fire-King and More by Gene Florence will tell you. That is what in-box Wexford Chip-n-Dip sets in thrift stores tell you. But what […]

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finding unknown things

Based on Anchor Hocking’s Fire King and More, Second Edition, I move through the world thinking that I know the Wexford pieces that I comes across in it. I rather enjoy the moments when I’m wrong. This morning, I stopped at a thrift store on my grocery run, and I found something I had not […]

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the glorious imposter

I found this online last week, having never seen anything like it in any pattern. It is a gorgeous Wexford-adjacent piece, listed as Wexford, but I strongly doubt it is… Curiously, every feature on this pitcher/decanter is found throughout the Wexford series, except maybe the lid. The biggest standout is the layout of the large […]

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top 10 for 2020

The Top Ten Wexford moments for 2020? Honestly, it’s closer to a Top Five list with a six-way tie for fifth place, but here we go: Number Ten: The Gathering of Parts for Homemade “Cobble”ware None of these parts were found with Wexford glassware, but a few used Early American Prescut (EAPC) also by Anchor […]

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the hard-to-find lazy one

Today, I restocked sunflower seeds for the feeders. Across the street from TSC is a Red Racks (for anyone unfamiliar, the thrift store chain that benefits the DAV), so I stopped in to scan a few shelves. Just as I turned around to leave, I glanced at their “fancy stuff” shelf in the front window. […]

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As far as I can prove, Anchor Hocking produced exactly one piece of Wexford in cobal blue: the cake plate. And now, we have one. And it is glorious! Post-college, I had a thing for cobalt. At least, I wanted to. Sadly, affordable cobalt isn’t typically, well, cobalt. It’s just blue glass… Eventually, I grew […]

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the unknown color

So, if I’m a Wexpert (thank you, Laurel), it is only because there is no actual expert available. The entirety of my knowledge comes from one second edition book, internet searches (which only yield resale listings), and direct observation of thrift store shelves and our personal display cases. Last week, I took a slow stroll […]

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the cranberry stem

There is one decided benefit to “watching” ebay listings of the rarer, more frivolous, more expensive pieces of Wexford. I mean besides daydreaming. And that, my friends, is the random special seller offers “because you showed interest”… There are were exactly four listings for Cranberry flashed Wexford pieces, and I suspect one of them is […]

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